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8/24/2011 - The MegaPenny Project is where you can visualize what a Quadrillion pennies looks like.

6/6/2011 -  Man fined for paying with pennies. What is this world coming to?

4/12/2011 - Donuts today at the Institute from PennyPickerUpper.com!

1/24/2010 - 7 New Uses for a Penny Here
(You'll like these from RealSimple.com)

12/18/2009 - Added links to other Penny Organizations Here
Penny for your thoughts! headsup@pennypickerupper.com

Are you a Penny Picker-upper?

Dang! People are calling me an telling me that now that they've found this site, every time they see a penny on the ground, they have to go back and pick it up! You know you want to also!

There are two types of people in the world.

Penny Picker Uppers Those who will pick up a penny they see on the ground

Penny Snubbers Those who will not pick up a penny

Most penny snubbers started out as  Penny Picker Uppers. Most children automatically pick up pennies they see on the ground. But, because of economic times, or cynical adult behavior, penny snubbers have determined it is just not worth their while to pick up those old pennies any longer. One penny snubber even admitted to me that she has thrown pennies in the trash!
OMG! SAIS!! (Say it ain't so!!)

You can tell a lot about a person depending on whether he or she is a Penny Picker Upper or a penny snubber. This, we call the "Penny Factor".


Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck!

Lucky Penny!
                  4/4/09 - embedded using code provided at http://comics.com/f_minus/

F Minus

Who are some famous Penny Picker-Uppers? Recently, Oprah Winfrey, on her show, told Suze Orman that she still picks up pennies she sees on the ground. WAY TO GO, OPRAH!!

The Penny Factor

The Penny Factor can enhance or ruin relationships. The Penny Factor can foretell the type of boss, spouse, President, Wall Street banker, road-work flagman, organic farmer, or parent you will be.

We at PennyPickerUpper.com know that if you are a Penny Picker Upper, you are a happier-than-average human being (statistically speaking, of course). And, to be sure, there are some Penny PIcker Uppers who look down on penny snubbers and argue "Once a penny snubber, always a penny snubber."  But, we choose to disregard that prejudicial, 'glass half-full' attitude in favor of a more enlightened and holistic view. There is always potential for Penny Picker Uppers to throw off their disregard for penny snubbers, to become a penny snubber converter and, thus, better Penny Picker Uppers themselves.

We firmly believe, as Thoreau wrote, "It is never too late to give up our prejudices."  - 'Economy'  Walden, 1854

I sometimes feel like Mr. Drabble!
                 3/29/09 - embedded using code provided at http://comics.com/drabble/


Enjoy our web site, point a penny snubber to this site, and tell us your thoughts at our 'Your Two Cents' feedback page. We'll publish the best of stories and articles about Penny Picker Uppers around the world, give advice on where to 'penny-watch', and provide tips on where to find loose change (Hint:  Sit on the couches at your friends' houses and work your hands down behind the cushions - like grandma used to do - a veritable gold mine!)

Where to find pennies and lost change

  1. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz California. I'm speaking from experience. One couple we know make a contest out of seeing who can find the most money on the boardwalk. A great way to enjoy the rides and pick up some spare change.
  2. Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio. Money just spills out of the pockets of people riding the greatest roller coasters in the United States! (Really a great roller coaster experience!)

You'll want to support our partner institutions to keep yourself on-track as a happier-than-average, glass-half-full human being. If you find yourself losing your marbles once in a while, visit Marblefree.com, and follow the totally free 12-Step program to find your marbles again. If you just want to enjoy a great American past-time, have a marshmallow roast and make some S'mores with guidance from the National Marshmallow Roasters Institute.

Jerry Grinstead,
President, PennyPickerUpper.com

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