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Your two cents!

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We'd love it if you'd give us some feedback. So, go ahead and give us your two-cents. Got a story about the time you taught the value of picking up a penny to a child? Or a story about the luck you've had because of picking up pennies? Send them in to us and we'll create a new page for your stories.

Here's a Penny story from July 16, 2009

Burglar's incriminating trail: 6 rolls of pennies

6 rolls of pennies may solve these burglaries. Follow the link below from KOMO News.

Here's a Penny story from May 17, 2009

Helping A NYC School, One Penny At A Time

What Started As A Math Project Has Become A Student-Led "Stimulus Package" At A Harlem School. Follow the link below from CBS News.

Here's a Penny story from March 17, 2009:

2.6 million pennies on the steps of the Capitol in Tallahassee Florida? Read about this effort online at the Miami Herald. Just follow the link below.

Here's a story from May 11,  2008:

Ten-year-old Andrew Niemi of Carleton Michigan has been collecting pennies since a day after Christmas in 2006. He held fundraisers to reach his goal of 1 million. Niemi finally picked up his last cent in March.

Last week (May), Niemi presented a $10,000 check to St. Patrick Catholic School.

Read the entire story here:

Now, your stories may not be that spectacular, but we'd still enjoy hearing from you.

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