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Penny Wise - frequently asked questions
Should I, or should I not pick up a penny that is Tails-Up?

We get this question often. One co-worker at the National Marshmallow Roasters Institute insists you'll only receive good luck if you pick up a penny that is Heads-Up. Other Institute staffers are now asking if this is true. I can see we have some training yet to accomplish in 2009.

Answer:  By all means, do pick up all pennies, whether Heads-Up or Tails-Up. It has been scientifically proven by NMR Institute researchers that people who ignore Tails-Up pennies are only half as lucky as people who pick up all pennies. And, they are ever so slightly less wealthy than the average Penny Picker-Upper.

What is the Value in picking up a penny?

It takes about one second to pick up a penny when you see it. So what is that per hour?  
$00.01  x  1second  x  60  x  60  =  $36.00/hour

Still, people ask me, "Jerry, why should I waste my time picking up a penny? It is hardly worth the effort." One person today said, "If I have a few pennies in my hand, I just throw them away. They're just not worth it."

My, my, my...There is so much value in picking up a penny than just an immediate small monetary gain.

Picking up a penny may not make you wealthier,
but it will make you richer

What is the value in smelling a rose? What is the value in walking 'around' rather than under a ladder? And, what, for gosh sakes, is the value in roasting a marshmallow, keeping a promise or reading a poem?

It has been proven to us at PennyPickerUpper.com time and time again, that people who pick up pennies are luckier than people who do not pick up pennies. Of course, we don't believe in luck. We simply believe that opportunities present themselves to people who are observant, in-tune with their surroundings, and open to the possibility of happiness in their world. Finding and picking up a penny is a little message to you that you are on the right track in life. It all boils down to the penny picker-upper, 'glass half full', happy people of the world versus the penny snubbing, 'glass half empty', unhappy people of the world.

Who would you rather be? The choice is yours. And it is truly that: a choice. One is not born a penny picker-upper or a penny snubber. It is the epitome of nurture, or learned behavior, over nature. And because it is a choice, penny snubbers can always change. We welcome all penny snubbers here at PennyPickerUpper.com because they are the penny picker-uppers of the future.

Other Penny Organizations

Americans for Common Cents

Americans for Common Cents aims to inform and educate policymakers, consumers, and the media about the pennyís economic, cultural, and historical significance.  Through coalition building, media outreach, and community partnerships, ACC attempts to ensure that accurate information about the penny is widely disseminated, and that the impact of any changes to the pennyís role in our nationís monetary supply is adequately understood.

Pennies for the Planet

Pennies for the Planet is a nationwide fundraising campaign that aims to motivate
kids in Grades K-6 to make a big conservation difference with small change. This
Audubon initiative, in alliance with Toyota, teaches children about different
creatures and habitats and collecting pennies.

By doing so, kids become engaged in protecting biodiversity and directly supporting
wild places and wild species in need of help.

To learn more or download educational materials for classroom or at-home use, please
visit www.penniesfortheplanet.org

National Audubon Society
225 Varick St., 7th Floor
New York, NY 10014
Elaine OSullivan This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it - Program Director 

Common Cents New York - Turning Pennies into Dollars -- and Dollars into Deeds.

The Common Cents Penny Harvest Program is a year-round series of service-learning activities. It starts in October with the Penny Harvest, where students search their homes and neighborhoods for idle pennies. It continues in January, where schools that meet the "25 sack challenge" receive $1,000 from a Philanthropy Roundtable. Student leaders sit on Philanthropy Roundtables and allocate the money they raised to make grants and fund student-led service projects to help their communities.

Common Cents New York, Inc.
570 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10024
(212) PENNIES (736-6437)
Contact: Ted Gross - Executive Director

Penny Lovers of America

A non-profit group, headed by Richard Barber, has helped send disadvantaged students to college with the pennies collected in its annual National Penny Recycling Campaign. Mr. Barber's goal is to raise one million pounds of pennies, or $ 1.64 million during this campaign.

Penny Lovers of America
P.O. Box 6141
Somerset, NJ 08875-6141
(732) 873-3827
Contact: Richard Barber - President

Good Cents for Oakland

Good Cents for Oakland is an Oakland, CA based non-profit committed to engaging Oakland school children in community service through penny drives known as Penny Roundups. The group was formed in April 2005 after the founder, Dagmar Serota,
was inspired by the successful Penny Harvest program operated by Common Cents New York. Good Cents currently works with nine Oakland schools, with over 1500 schoolchildren participating in the program. The program's goal is to engage children in community service by helping them become aware of issues in the community, become informed about those issue and then inspire them to become involved in making change.

Good Cents for Oakland
P.O. Box 21290
Oakland, CA 94620-1290
(510) 658-2474
Contact: Dagmar Serota This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it - Executive Director


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