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Heads Up!

Tweet:  Jerry just found another penny outside the donut shop!

No Donut Left Behind


We can't think of a better sight than this ...
a warm box of fresh donuts waiting for us when we get to work in the morning... 3/9/2010

Today's donuts were from Donut Happy on College Oaks in Sacramento and they went fast . We added a dozen Bagels for the health-conscious among us.


We're bringing more donuts when the pennypickerupper jar gets full again!

Get 'em while they're hot!

The Donut Fund at the National Marshmallow Roasters Institute

Update! Our Donut Rating system is live. Donuts we buy with the PennyPickerUpper Donut Donations will be rated by the NMR Institute staff. Our latest donut buy was at Donut Fair in Sacramento. Warm, moist, and the bear claw I had was huge and filled with still-warm apple filling. Another great reason to get to work early! We'll buy more of these!

The NMR Institute is filling the Donut Fund with our pennies again. I took the photo at right before I brought the pennies home to count.

As you can see, Mr. Mallow is keeping busy at National Marshmallow Roasters Institute! He found the clear milk jug, shown in the picture at right, at a thrift store across the street from the Institute for 100 pennies! GO Hornets!

Put a small sign or sticky note on your penny container saying something like:

Donut Fund


 (NMR Institute Penny Level Updated Monthly)

Mmmmmm ... Donuts served on 9/10/2008, 12/4/2008, 3/12/2009, 6/2/2009, 8/24/2009, 9/21/2009, 9/28/2009, and 3/9/2010!

And we're on our way to filling it with found and spare change again!

Seed it with a few pennies you've recently picked up somewhere, and watch the pile grow. When you get enough, cash them in, and bring in donuts (or bagels) for everyone at the shop or office.

Thanks again,

Jerry Grinstead (Aka, Mr. Mallow),
President, PennyPickerUpper.com
President, National Marshmallow Roasters Institute
President, MarbleFree.com (a Free 12-step program for people who've lost their marbles)

Where can you watch people pick up (or not pick up) pennies?

The best place we've found to place pennies is at the mall. Find one of those UN-comfy chairs (Do they have to make them so hard?) that allows you to observe the shoppers. Either you or a child or grandchild can wander into the walking area and drop a penny. Settle into the chair and watch all of the people. You'll find people:

1. who are completely oblivious to the fact there is a penny on the ground. (the run-of-the-mill penny snubber)
2. who see the penny, but disregard it, giving it nary a thought. (the classic penny snubber)
3. who see the penny, hesitate, and then keep going. (the former penny picker-upper, now a penny snubber)
4. who see the penny, and casually pick it up and keep going. (the run-of-the-mill penny picker-upper)
5. who see the penny, and get excited and happy that they found it. (the classic penny picker-upper)
6. who see the penny, pick it up and look around for the person that dropped
it because they feel a bit guilty, and it would be almost like stealing to keep it, oh my! (the victimized penny picker-upper) (Needs MarbleFree.com 12-step Program)
7. who see the penny, hesitate, walk on a bit, walk back, and pick up the penny cursing to themselves because they MUST pick it up. They are wonted to it. (Our favorite type of penny picker-upper to watch!)
8. who see the penny, pick it up, and throw it in the nearest trash can .. oh my! (a real sicko ... pack up the kids and leave the mall right now ... do not look back ... no more penny picker-upper-watching today!

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